Kid Tested – Uncle Approved: “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas” (1999)

Christmas time is here! And you know what that means: oodles and bunches of direct to DVD Christmas movies on Netflix. One I’ve seen on there for many years is Disney’s “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.” It’s a collection of three shorts narrated by “Fraiser’s” own Kelsey Grammar.

The first is a Donald Duck cartoon called “Stuck on Christmas” where the nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie have such a great time, they wish upon a star that they could have Christmas every day! Then a wonderful “Groundhog Day” scenario begins where every day is Christmas morning and the boys, who have been kind of bratty all day, slowly realize Christmas could be better for everyone is they were a little less selfish and considered Uncle Donald and Aunt Daisy’s feelings as well. They change things up a little, make a very special gift for Donald, and are elated when they wake up on December 26th, to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

The second short is called “A Very Goofy Christmas” starring Goofy and his son Max. Max wants Goofy to hurry up writing their letter to Santa before they miss the mailman but oh no! They already have! They hurry off after him and take a short cut through the mall. Max goes ahead to stop the mailman while Goofy hoofs it, leaving a wake of destruction in his path. Then old bully-pants Pete tells Max there’s no Santa! Goofy does everything he can to get him to believe, but when even he starts to doubt him, the Goof Troop get their own Christmas miracle.

The last short is “Mickey and Minnie’s Gift of the Magi”. Minnie is in financial trouble and worries she won’t be able to buy anything for Mickey. He’s determined to make enough tips selling Christmas trees to buy Minnie a gold chain for her watch. Mickey gets into hot water with his boss, Crazy Pete, and loses all his tips. Minnie is counting on her Christmas bonus but instead gets a fruit cake. Fruit cake?! Come on, Mr. Mortimer! Will they be able to get the perfect gift for each other?

What a sweet little movie! Each story centers on the true meaning of Christmas: giving, family, and being with the ones you love. And it’s got all your favorite Disney characters! How could you go wrong? A wonderful addition to anyone’s holiday canon.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 Snack Packs

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