“Despicable Me 3” (2017) continues moneymaking machine, but in the best way

“Despicable Me” was actually the reason I started these reviews in the first place. I watched it with my nephews at least three or four times in a row before finally convincing them to put on literally anything else. Since then, there’s come “Despicable Me 2” and “Minions”, and now in theaters is “Despicable Me 3”. As I sat in a nearly empty theater and enjoyed the film, all I could see were crates upon crates of Minion-themed merchandise en-route to stores near you! And it took me out of it…

DM3 begins with Gru and Lucy on a mission to stop former child star Balthazar Bratt, aka Evil Bratt, a super villain stuck in the 80s and obsessed with destroying Hollywood for canceling TV show. Bratt has stolen a gigantic diamond and while Gru is able to rescue the diamond, Bratt gets away. The new chief of the Anti-Villain League promptly fires Gru and Lucy for their mistake. Learning of his new-found unemployment, the Minions are excited to get back being villains again. When Gru tells them to, Mel leads a walk-out and all but two of them quit.

The next day, a sharply dressed man named Fritz arrives to invite Gru and his family to Fredonia to meet his long-lost twin brother Dru. Upon their arrival in Fredonia, Gru learns that his father was a great super villain and Dru wants to follow in his footsteps with Gru at his side! All the while, Bratt has infiltrated a museum in France where the diamond is being kept and steals it again! Will Dru and Gru be able to team up to stop Bratt before he destroys all of Hollywood?

Featuring the voice talents of Steve Carrell as Gru and Dru, Kristen Wiig (SNL, “Bridesmaids”), and Trey Parker (“South Park”) as Bratt, DM3 is a lot of fun. Parker is perfectly cast as the villain in this piece; ridiculous and insane and full of 80s pop culture silliness. Carrell is perfectly suited, as always, to play Gru/Dru. I almost wonder if he’s so into this role after “Get Smart” didn’t do that well in theaters? Wiig is also delightful as the reluctant step mom trying to get her footing in a new family. And, as with the previous DM films, the soundtrack is excellent. Like “you’ll probably buy it on iTunes” excellent. And, of course, the three girls are adorable as all get out. The story has a great message too for kids and adults alike. All in all, it’s a fun, funny, exciting movie. But I guess I’m just too cynical because I can’t see past the dollar signs. Hopefully your kids don’t have that issue!




Rating: 3 out of 5 Snack Packs

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