“Voltron: Legendary Defender” season 3 tackles big topics, delivers big action and fun

“Voltron: Legendary Defender” is easily one of my favorite animated series. Each season develops new and more complex conflicts and character dynamics that elevate what could easily be just a campy Saturday morning cartoon to a respectable, nuanced series great for kids and adults alike.

Season three begins with the Paladins of Voltron trying to figure out their new dynamic without Shiro who disappeared at the end of last season. Also in his absence, who will pilot the Black Lion and therefore how will they form Voltron? As established in the lore of the series, the Paladins have to bond with their lions in order to pilot them. Keith is able to bond with Shiro’s Black Lion, Keith is then able to bond with the Red Lion, and Princess Allura is chosen by the Blue Lion. With Keith as the new team leader, the Paladins pursue their nemesis Zarkon’s son Lotor as he has now taken the reins of the Galra empire.

Though only seven episodes, season three is chalk-full of greatness. Keith dealing with his new responsibilities and whether or not he wants to be a leader, Lance and Allura tackling their new duties and challenges of working with new and different lions, Shiro’s return and long quest to reunite with the other Paladins, and finally seeing what really happened all those years ago when Voltron was first formed and Zarkon betrayed King Alfor. There’s also some pretty heavy subject matter in this season, such as the moral implications of mind-controlled slavery and the consequences of inter-dimensional travel. Not really topics you’d expect in a kids’ show!

All the original cast are back including a handful of new supporting characters that are really fun. The episodes go by so quickly, I want to watch it again! And I probably will; let’s be honest. Season 4 is slated for release on Netflix October 13, 2017 and I can’t wait for more! If you haven’t watched any of the series, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you like “Star Wars”, “GI Joe” or anime. I can’t praise this show enough and I can’t wait for season 4!



Rating: 5 out of 5 Snack Packs

What did you think of season 3? Did you love it? Let’s chat!

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