“Paddington” is a delight for the entire family

Initially I had no desire to see “Paddington” in 2014 for any reason other than to review it for this series. Having only a passing knowledge of the children’s book “Paddington Bear”, I assumed it was purely for kids and I wouldn’t have any interest. But then it did amazingly well at the box office. And people were talking about it. And I said to myself, “Really…? Maybe I should see it then.” Then, four years later, “Paddington 2” hits theaters and even more people are talking about it, namely popular comedians from one of my favorite podcasts, “Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo”. And I tend to take their reviews to heart. So, the other night when the wife wasn’t feeling well, we snuggled up in bed and watched the first “Paddington” and I’m happy to say it is delightful! Continue reading ““Paddington” is a delight for the entire family”

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