The new season of “Voltron” keeps viewers glued to their seats and eager for more

Did you miss the release of the latest season of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” on Netflix? Don’t worry, I did too. Thankfully, this and the latter season have been shorter runs, so we have seven new episodes to binge and catch up with the Paladins of Voltron.

Lotor and Allura are getting rather chummy as they work together to build a new ship to better fight the Galra Empire, which is fracturing further due to lack of central leadership. Lance is tormented by his unrequited feelings for Allura. Shiro struggles with his growing certainty that something isn’t write within himself. Hunk receives an education on Galra culture and is able to better cooperate with friendly Galra soldiers. And across the galaxy, Keith is working side-by-side with is long-lost mother to get through a quantum abyss and find an Altean on the other side, which shouldn’t be possible. And the ending of this season teases a huge moment the Paladins have no doubt been waiting for for years.

voltron-legendary-defender-season-6-2018This season is packed to the brim with good stuff. There’s a Dungeons & Dragons-esque episode. There are epic space battles. There’s love and loss. Flashbacks, flash-forwards, time dilation. Comedy, tears, betrayal and reunion. And this is all in a children’s program.

I recently recorded an episode of my podcast about this season and my guest and I agreed that unlike most shows out there, this one hasn’t lost its steam. Each new season brings new excitement and anticipation and ends on such a perfect cliff hanger, viewers can’t wait for the next group of episodes to drop. It’s also one of the rare animated programs where the cast is so perfect, it would also work as a live-action program. The actors so completely inhabit their roles, you can almost picture their faces when the characters speak. The only other program I can compare it to is “The Emperor’s New Groove”, one of my favorite Disney films from the last 20 years.

Nerdist captureAccording to, the first episode of season seven will premiere next month at San Diego Comic Con, so be on the look out for when the full season will drop on Netflix, probably in the fall. I can’t wait!




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Rating: 5 out of 5 Snack Packs


Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and film maker living in New York City. He’s got a new “Jurassic Park”-themed video out and will have a new version of his movie review podcast very soon.

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