“Gone With a Trace” is the all-lady team-up we’ve been waiting for

Star Wars: Clone Wars episode five takes the story in a new direction. After all the fun we had with the Bad Batch, it’s time to catch up with Anakin Skywalker’s former padawan Ahsoka Tano to see what she’s been doing in her self-imposed isolation (not quite the same as what we’re going through, but apt nonetheless). When her malfunctioning speeder bike crashes on a random landing platform, she meets Trace Martez, a pilot and mechanic who offers to fix her bike for her – for a price. Ahsoka declines her offer, but asks to use her tools to make the repairs herself. Shortly thereafter, a thug named Pintu Son-El (voiced by Bobby Moynihan of SNL and Duck Tales) comes to collect a debt Trace’s sister Rafa owes him, and he’s brought muscle.

Ahsoka doesn’t want to draw any attention to herself (being a Jedi in hiding and all) and Trace tells her not to get involved. That is, until his muscle have her by the throat. Ahsoka leaps into action, easily dispatching them without using any of her powers. Trace is impressed and suggests they visit her sister to sort out the situation. 

Someone has hired Rafa to rebuild some droids for them and Ahsoka has her reservations due to her history with droids (you know, the whole Clone War that’s been happening for more than a decade). When one detaches its restraining bolt, Ahsoka and Trace must give chase to keep it from destroying the sector, all the while keeping her Jedi powers and past a secret.

I love Ahsoka. She is my favorite character to come from the Clone Wars years and I was thrilled when she appeared in Star Wars Rebels as well. Like the one-off movies Solo and Rogue One (and many of the Marvel origin films), these types of stories have a bad habit of introducing really interesting and cool characters only to kill them off or write them out before the established story resumes. In the case of Ahsoka, she was created purely for the Clone Wars series and does not appear in Revenge of the Sith or (obviously) the original trilogy. In her early stories, she’s kind of a bratty kid, constantly questioning Anakin and the Jedi. As she matures, she becomes a strong voice of reason for Anakin and begins to suspect something is wrong. Now in exile, I’m so excited to see what they do with her. If this story is any indication of where she’ll go, no doubt she’ll either team up with Trace for some more strong-ladies-being-awesome adventures, or she’ll be roaming do-gooder, like a samurai from an Akira Kurosawa film (a strong influence for George Lucas on the original story). 

Either way, I’m into it, I’m on-board, and I’m ready to go. There’s at least one more episode in this arc, but I hope they made more Ahsoka stories to finish the series. Who doesn’t love a BA female Jedi on the run from her past?

New episodes are available Fridays on Disney+. Catch up now while self-isolating!


Rating: 4 out of 5 Snack Packs


Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and writer living in self-isolation in NYC for the past several weeks. Please, please, please stay home when you can, wash your hands, and avoid contact with others. If not for your own safety, for those around you. This is bad. It’s much worse than we think, and it won’t get better until we flatten the curve. 

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