“Dangerous Debt” leaves Ahsoka and the Martez sisters in a tough spot

The latest episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars finds Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa Martez incarcerated for failing to deliver the shipment of spice they were hired to bring from the planet Kessell. Trapped in a cell and facing torture at the hands of the nefarious Pyke Syndicate, Ahsoka learns why the Martez sisters have no love for Jedi. As fate would have it, the very events of the Clone Wars film (2007) directly affected the Martez family, bringing their and Ahsoka’s lives together before either even realized. After a daring escape attempt, the trio must regroup and work together to get to Trace’s ship and off the planet. 

Turns out this wasn’t the conclusion to Ahsoka’s arc, but we got an awesome surprise when several shrouded Mandalorians show up and recognize her! Anyone following Star Wars news has likely seen that Rosario Dawson was cast as Ahsoka in the next season of The Mandalorian. A) Great casting, B) VERY exciting that she will finally get her live-action debut. 

Trace held her own in this episode, demonstrating far more guts and grit that her sister would let us believe and, while trying to keep her Jedi powers a secret, Ahsoka kicked some serious Pyke behind! Given how things turned out for the ladies, I’m guessing we’ll see her really pull out the stops in the next episode, surely pushed to the point of having to do what is necessary to survive. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for a character in her situation: knowing full-well you could mop the floors with every Pyke in the place, but also knowing simply demonstrating your abilities puts a bullseye on your back and bounty on your head.

In the end, however, not much happened aside from some very surprising exposition. Clearly this is all leading to a climactic battle and/or escape and I can’t wait to see what happens. Sadly these two episodes were the weakest so far but I really hope the next kicks things up a notch or finds resolution for the three women. 

Next week’s episode is titled “Together Again” and I can only speculate as to who ends up reunited. Hopefully we get a happy ending for the Martez sisters and Ahsoka is able to find closure or, at the very least, a path to some kind of peace. New episodes are available for streaming Fridays on Disney+.

Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and writer in NYC. During quarantine, he’s offering to teach folks to play Dungeons & Dragons as an escape from the madness of the world. Find out more at www.lincolnlhayes.com/storytelling

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