“Old Friends Not Forgotten” brings things back to center as we begin the final arc of the series

We find ourselves on Yerbana as Commander Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi struggle to maintain position on a bridge against Separatist artillery. Suddenly Anakin Skywalker arrives having won his battle and urges Obi-Wan to let him do things his way. Which apparently means walking directly into the line of fire and pretending to surrender. Utilizing the droids’ surprise, he’s able to take out their Tactical Droid and turn the tides for the Republic forces. (It’s pretty dope).

Later, they learn of Ahsoka Tano and Mandalorian warrior Lady Bo-Katan Kryze’s plan to track and capture Darth Maul. Anakin is, understandably, very surprised to see Ahsoka. When they meet up in person, Ahsoka is also surprised to have all the clone troopers saluting her despite her no longer being a Jedi. Anakin shows her Captain Rex’s unit who have all painted their helmets to match her markings. He also presents her with her old lightsabers which he’s kept for her all this time, repaired and with blue crystals that match his.

Kenobi tells her there is a more pressing threat against Chancellor Palpatine’s life and therefore the Jedi must focus their forces and efforts there. She’s disgusted that the Jedi continue to put political matters before the good of the people. Anakin suggests using a portion of the 501st to send a small force to Mandalore to hunt Maul, but Kenobi can’t spare anyone to lead the mission. Since Ashoka is no longer a Jedi, she can’t lead a regiment, and Anakin recommends promoting Rex to commander so he can lead the incursion and Ashoka can act as an advisor. 

The dogfight over Mandalore is quite a sight with clones and Mandalorians flying around with jetpacks and destroying ships, but culminating with Ashoka kicking serious butt and finishing it off with her own “superhero landing in front of an explosion” moment. Seriously, I had chills. Republic forces drive the Mandalorians back into tunnels below the city, but it seems they were waiting for them, though they’re told they’ve brought the wrong Jedi.

This episode was fantastic! I’m so glad we’re back to the main story, despite my love for Ashoka. They kind of did her wrong in her arc, and if Reddit is any indicator of public opinion, I’m not the only one who thinks so. It was awesome to see Anakin up to his old tricks, but also conflicting because here is this charismatic character, one of the best Jedis to ever live, doing cool stuff and giving Ashoka her sabers back and everything, but we all know what’s going to happen! It’s heartbreaking. 

And let’s talk about the Mandalorians for a second. Wow wow wow! The end of this show is going to both blow me away and make me cry. The action sequences are flawless. The combat is tight and visceral. We know they’re headed for a trap but how are they going to get out of it?! And will we see Darth Maul and Obi-Wan face off again? I sure hope so!

A subtle but certainly deliberate touch they’ve added to the final episodes is a change in the logo colors from yellow to red and they’re not playing the theme music. It really gives things a somber and deadly serious vibe that I loved. Usually I’m doing a couple things while watching because it’s an animated show, but I was locked in from start to finish. I even rewound Ashoka’s three-point landing to show my wife. An excellent return to form – and then some. To quote Doctor Strange, we’re in the endgame now. I’m nervous and excited. The last three episodes drop on Fridays only on Disney+.


Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and writer in NYC. He’s really looking forward to rewatching all the Star Wars movies in order now that he’s finished rewatching all the Marvel movies in order. 

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