“Clone Wars” episode three ups the ante and delivers an action-packed 22 minutes of television

Mild spoilers for the recent season of Star Wars: Clone Wars on Disney+

“On the Wings of Keeradaks” picks up with the rescue of clone trooper Echo who has been used by the Separatist forces to extract battle plans and strategy information while grafting cybernetic components to his human body. Anakin, Captain Rex, and the Bad Bunch have to fight their way out of the Techno Union facility and protect the natives, who are now very upset that war has indeed been brought to them. 

First off, this episode is gorgeous. They have really upped their animation for the new season and this episode features one of the best combat sequences I’ve ever seen in Star Wars. The camera moves around the action like a steady-cam, ducking obstacles, tracking along as characters repel, leap and fly from great heights, all the while under heavy fire from the droid forces. And speaking of, we’ve seen a new type of droid trooper in this arc and – guess what – they can fly! Clearly their design was inspired by the native keeradaks, reptilian creatures our heroes piloted to safety upon their escape.

We also get some fun comedic relief that any Lord of the Rings fan would also enjoy. Wrecker takes it upon himself to toss the team around for various reasons, much to their chagrin. Anakin, of course, needs no assistance jumping. Jedi stuff.

All of this is not without resistance from the native Poletec tribe who are furious, accusing Anakin of breaking his word not to bring war to their village. Rex chimes in as the voice of reason, showing them what the Techno Union have done to Echo and what they will continue to do if left unchecked.
This season has been great thus far. I didn’t realize how much I missed Captain Rex, and the Bad Batch deserve their own spin-off show. The seeds they’ve planted with Echo and the Techno Union are very intriguing and I really have no idea where they’re headed – which is impressive because anyone who has seen Revenge of the Sith knows how this season has to end. Bring on episode four!

Star Wars: Clone Wars episodes drop Fridays only on Disney+.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Snack Packs

Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and writer in NYC. Follow his rambles on Twitter @lincolnlhayes. Pew pew pew!

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