Kid Tested – Uncle Approved: “Baby’s Day Out (1994)

babyMy first reader-request! “Baby’s Day Out” is a delightfully silly film written by John Hughes (“The Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”, and every other good teen comedy of the 80s) that follows a similar formula as “Home Alone”, one of my favorites. It’s the story of Baby Bink, a rich couple’s 9-month old who loves his “Boo-boo”, what he calls his favorite book, “Baby’s Day Out” (see where they’re going with this?).

His mother, played by Lara Flynn Boyle (“Twin Peaks,” “Men in Black 2”) is distraught because they have yet to put a photo of Baby Bink in the newspaper (big problems back in the mid-90s, huh?). She hires a photographer who is then kidnapped by Eddie, Norby, and Veeko (Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano, and Brian Haley), who assume his role and kidnap the baby for a $5 million ransom. Trouble is, Baby Bink wants his day out!



While causing the WORST anxiety to a parent ever, this movie is very cute and silly. Like “Home Alone”, Baby Bink manages – despite being 9-months-old – to wreak havoc on this three knuckleheads while visiting all the places he wanted to see in his book. Baby Bink is part super hero, I think, based on his photographic memory, his incredible spatial awareness, and lack of any fear about anything whatsoever. I’ve seen kids cry when their parent turns their back, but this kid can cross traffic with a giggle and a smile.


The violence is wacky enough to not offend anyone and there is no swearing at all; perfect for the little ones. And strangely, though I haven’t seen this since at least 1995-96 when it was rerunning on the movie channels, I still remember it beat-for-beat and even some of the dialogue. I guess we watched this A LOT when I was in fourth or fifth grade.

If you can get passed how terrifying this movie would be if it weren’t a fictional comedy, it’s a great time.

Or it’s amazingly dark satire on people’s lack of awareness for their fellow human so much so that they could walk the streets of a city and not notice a baby crawling at their feet.

Either way, good times.

4 out of 5



Rating: four out of five Snack Packs

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