“Shattered” may be the best Star Wars media yet

Major spoilers ahead for episode 11 of Star Wars: Clone Wars!

Darth Maul is in custody. The Siege of Mandalore is over and Ahsoka Tano and the clone troopers depart to regroup with the rest of the Republic forces. But what’s going to happen next?

Commander Rex and Ahsoka speak with Mace Windu, Yoda, and other members of the Jedi council to inform them of Maul’s capture. Windu expresses his concern with the growing darkness surrounding the Chancellor and everyone agrees the war should end if and when General Grievous is captured by Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, there seems to be doubt from everyone in this conversation if that will actually happen. Ahsoka does not agree to resume her Jedi duties and is therefore sidelined by Windu, saying Council matters are not for “citizens”. Everyone signs off except Yoda who asks if she has more to say, which she declines. Rex asks why she didn’t say what Maul told her, but it’s clear she doesn’t fully trust the Jedi if they don’t fully trust her.

Back on the command deck of the ship, Rex receives a message from the Chancellor and Ahsoka says he can fill her in after. The message is actually from Darth Sideous and he executes the infamous Order 66 and Rex confirms, calling the Sith Lord by name for the first time. He draws his blasters and orders the troopers on deck to kill Ahsoka, but we can see he is fighting with all he has to not pull the triggers. She is able to fight her way out of an ambush and Rex orders Maul’s execution. Two troopers enter his cell and release him from his bonds as Ahsoka arrives and knocks them both out. Maul, thinking she’s come to join forces, thanks her and begins outlining his plan. She stops him and says she only needs him to be a distraction and to “go create chaos”. When he asks for a weapon, she replies, “I’m not rooting for you.” He then makes his way – unarmed – through the ship, killing clones left and right. Ahsoka recruits three astromech droids to find out what has happened and finds the Kamionan message about the trooper known as Fives who’s inhibitor chip malfunctioned (earlier in the series) as well as a locked report from Rex that he knows about the chip but not what its function is, nor do any of the clones. Ambushing him with the help of the droids, Ahsoka takes him to a med-bay to find and remove the chip. As clones are literally breaking down the door, she fights with everything she has, losing one of her sabers and falling back onto the instrument panel as blaster shots take out the clones from behind her. Rex sits up, head bandaged, and apologizes. 

Now what?

I have never been so stressed watching an animated series in my life! My wife came into the room and asked if I was ok! I was nearly in tears and spent most of the episode clutching my cat for emotional support. I’m floored by how great this final arc has been. The crossover to what’s happening in Revenge of the Sith as well as what we know will happen in Rebels, Rogue One and beyond is a testament to the brilliance of their storytelling. Just think if this team had been involved in the prequel trilogy? Or even the sequel trilogy! It says something that the three series Dave Filoni has been involved with have been the best Star Wars media produced outside of books and comics since the original trilogy. 

Only one episode remains. Where do we even go from here? Hopefully we’ll see where Ahsoka ends up as well as how Rex and the other unaffected clones escape the oncoming Imperial rule under soon-to-be-named Emperor Palpatine. Whatever happens, I will surely be in tears by the end of it. The last episode drops early for Star Wars Day on May the Fourth and you will find me watching every Star Wars movie in order in celebration of George Lucas’ iconic vision. 

Rating 10 out of 5 Snack Packs

Lincoln L. Hayes is an actor and writer living in isolation in NYC. May the Force be with you all. 

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